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Cozy Platter for 2 - $19.00

Four each of deep fried ribs, chicken wings, chicken balls, fried won tons, and 2 Mandarin beef sticks. Served with sweet and sour sauce. (Served on a flaming platter in restaurant).


Egg Roll - $1.25

Our own hand made egg rolls made with shredded chicken, bean sprouts and our secret blend of spices.


Spring Roll - $1.75

A thin crispy wrap surrounding our blend of pork, shrimp, vegetables and spices.


Mushroom Caps - $7.50

Deep fried breaded mushrooms served with a ranch dressing.


Fries, with gravy $5.50 - $5.00

Fresh cut potato fries


Toast - $1.25


Side Order of Gravy, (L)-$3.00 - $1.75


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